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Our branding

NIHR branding - Icon concentric circles

In this section, you will find a summary of the NIHR Birmingham BRC brand guidelines and assets to use in your work.

If you have any query concerning our BRC branding, please contact the BRC core team.

  • Our official font is Lato. If not available on your device, you can download it free from the Google Fonts repository.
  • Our logo (available in both colour and white version, for use on light and dark backgrounds, respectively) displays the NIHR acronym, with “Birmingham Biomedical Research Centre” next to it. These sub-logos should be used in preference to the generic NIHR logo. Never stretch, manipulate or change the colour of our logo. Our logo is available in the following versions:
    • For digital use on light backgrounds – colour
    • For digital use on dark backgrounds – white
  • Our materials should align with the NIHR colour palette.
  • Our official BRC PowerPoint template (link opens download) ensures consistency across our presentations
  • NIHR design motifs can be used sparingly across our materials to add a decorative element
  • For guidance on how to acknowledge the BRC in publications and other materials, please see the ‘Acknowledging the BRC’ page.