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Delivering equity, equality, diversity and inclusion in research

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Theme lead

Byron Batten

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Theme Lead

Here at the Birmingham BRC, we are committed to advocating the cause of equity, equality, diversity and inclusion (EEDI) within research. We aim to cultivate an environment that encourages – but also demands – equity and respect in every aspect of our research programme. This includes everything from workforce recruitment and development to collaborating with diverse stakeholders.

Creating an equal, diverse and inclusive environment is pivotal to good science. The benefits of EEDI in research extend far beyond scientific achievement. It is a powerful force for social change, reducing health inequalities and ensuring that our research results reflect the broader population. Our work becomes a beacon of inclusivity, making research outcomes accessible to all, regardless of background or circumstance.

Our vision

We want to demonstrate diversity, inclusion and fairness in all our research efforts. Our aim is to prioritise patient and public outcomes by upholding impartiality, taking action and building cultural understanding. We strive to cultivate an inclusive, diverse culture that amplifies all voices and fosters cooperation and partnership.

Our strategic aims

  • Develop an inclusive culture and behaviour to sustain a diverse workforce that reflects the rich diversity of our community
  • Equip our workforce to competently implement EEDI principles in research
  • Create an inclusive environment for Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement, where our work can be shaped by the diverse communities we serve
  • Continuously monitor our EEDI initiatives, analysing data to enhance and refine our approach.

To learn more about how we’re working to achieve our aims, read our EEDI Strategy.

EEDI at the Birmingham BRC

At the Birmingham BRC, we believe actions speak louder than words. We uphold our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion with a comprehensive approach and tangible initiatives. Here’s what we have been doing to support our vision: