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Next generation therapies

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Theme leads

Professor Alicia El Haj

Next Generation Therapies Theme Lead

Professor Liam Grover

Next Generation Therapies Theme Lead

Enabling the transfer of next generation therapies to patients.

Our ever-increasing understanding of how the body works has allowed us design new therapies that can help patients suffering with previous untreatable diseases. For example, the delivery of cells and other biological therapeutics (RNA or protein) has the potential to cure cancers, regenerate tissues or even prevent blindness. These complex new therapies, however, are very sensitive and so we need to develop new ways to manufacture them safely and deliver them to where they need to be.

This theme focuses on undertaking research to unlock the potential of these new therapies, by developing processes and materials to accelerate complex “next generation” therapies to clinical benefit. We are working with clinical leaders, charities and industry to expedite the development of these therapies, and with patients to ensure that our innovations are fit for purpose. Over the duration of funding, we aim to have moved therapies for epidermolysis bullosa, cartilage degeneration (osteoarthritis) and a range of opthalmological conditions (severe dry-eye, pemphigoid) to clinical trial. We also intend to develop these therapies in a way that will allow for rapid commercialisation once the trials have been completed.

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