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Why should I get involved in research?

Medic in discussion with patient showing information on a clipboard

I have always been passionate about advocating and empowering young people with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and so joining this group presented itself as a new opportunity to continue this mission of mine by supporting new research in the IBD world.”

– HC, BRC public research partner

Make a difference to research

Your lived experiences are important and make a real difference to research. Your views and suggestions can improve how a study is conducted and the experience of those taking part. It also helps the findings of research be more relevant to the people and communities the research is based on.

What’s in it for me?

By getting involved in research, you can:

  • learn more about health conditions and research
  • meet new people
  • gain new skills/use existing skills to help others
  • meet researchers and hear about their work and influence it
  • find out about events happening locally and nationally
  • give something back to the NHS and society
  • many of our group members say being involved gives them hope