Next Generation Therapies

Next generation therapies promise significant benefit to patients, providing them with novel options for challenging and untreatable conditions across a range of inflammatory conditions. We will focus on therapies that primarily affect inflammatory processes, such as anti-inflammatory ophthalmic drops and WNT bandages, antigen-specific and polyclonal regulatory T cells (Treg), regenerative MSC, and tolerogenic dendritic cells. We will work to develop these novel therapies so that they are closer to having clinical benefit for patients. Our work will interact with many BRC themes, including in terms of clinical targets (Arthritis, Liver, Oral Health, Infection) and analysis (Data, Diagnostics & Decision Tools).

Scientist working in a lab with a pipette

Theme Leads

Portrait picture of Alicia El Haj

Professor Alicia el Haj

Portrait picture of Liam Grover

Professor Liam Grover