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Professor Trish Lalor

Patricia Lalor


Academic Career Development Lead


Trish Lalor is Professor in Experimental Hepatology and a Senior Investigator in the Centre for Liver and Gastroenterology Research (CLGR) at the University of Birmingham, where she is also Deputy Director of the Institute for Inflammation and Immunotherapy. She is also Academic Capacity Development Lead for the Birmingham BRC.

Trish has a key interest in the function of hepatic sinusoidal endothelial cells and their contribution to inflammatory cell recruitment and fibrogenesis in the diseased liver. Dr Lalor works closely with clinical colleagues in the CLGR to use validated cohorts of human samples to develop human cell and tissue-based models to understand the regulation of both acute and chronic liver injury. Trish also has cross-disciplinary programmes of research that use novel biophysical and chemical tools to understand and treat complex liver disease. She has a particular interest in human metabolic liver disease and fibrosis and is working with pharmaceutical partners to develop new tools and therapeutics to manage NAFLD and NASH.

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