Involving patients and the public in your research

There is plenty of evidence to support why involving patients and the public from early on in our research can prove of value. At the NIHR Birmingham Biomedical Research Centre, we work in partnership with people from all backgrounds to bring different insights to how our studies are designed, carried out and communicated.

If you’re a researcher looking to involve patients and the public in your work, our Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) team can provide advice and support.

Public contributors of the NIHR Birmingham BRC standing in front of the stand at Queen Elizabeth Hospital with Project Manager

We work with several PPIE groups, including people who are interested in getting involved in health research or have experience of specific conditions. Our patient and public partners can review your research documents and funding proposals, participate in discussion groups with your team, and help make sure your work is relevant and accessible to our diverse communities. This leads to:

  • Improved relationships with communities and increased public trust
  • Increased credibility and recognition from the public, funders, peers and other stakeholders
  • More efficient, effective and impactful research

How our PPI team can support you

Depending on your experience, current needs and timings, you can:

  • Book an advice session with the Birmingham BRC PPIE Manager Laura Chapman to obtain resources and bespoke help. Laura can suggest existing PPIE groups or help you recruit new public contributors, for example through the NIHR People in Research website.
  • Work with an existing PPIE group. For instance, the Liver & GI PPIE group hold quarterly meetings you can join.
  • Attend an Online Workshop delivered by Laura Chapman with our BRC PPIE Academic Lead, Steven Blackburn. Visit our ‘Upcoming PPI events’ page for workshop dates and to sign up.


Our PPIE team

Laura Chapman

Laura Chapman

Birmingham BRC Public Involvement Manager


Steven Blackburn

Birmingham BRC Academic Lead for PPIE