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Infection and acute care team

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Meet the team leading and enabling our research in infection and acute care.

Professor Alan McNally

Infection and Acute Care Theme Lead

Professor Liz Sapey

Infection and Acute Care Theme Lead

Dr Dhruv Parekh

Associate Professor in Critical Care and Respiratory Medicine

Professor Nicholas Loman

Professor of Microbial Genomics and Bioinformatics

Dr Joshua Quick

UKRI Future Leaders Fellow

Dr Aaron Scott

Associate Professor in Respiratory Science

Professor Alex Richter

Professor and Honorary Consultant in Clinical Immunology

Dr Kylie Belchamber

Research Fellow

Dr Kirsty McGee

Research Fellow

Dr Nicola Cumley

Research Fellow

Dr Mabi Behruznia

Research Fellow

Dr Sam Quarton

Respiratory Registrar

Lottie Jeff

Advanced Clinical Practitioner

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