NIHR Birmingham BRC launch and showcase event

The Birmingham BRC is set to grow and evolve with a further NIHR funding award of

Various photos from the launch event, including panel sessions and a welcome address from Prof Phil Newsome (Birmingham BRC Director)

The Birmingham BRC is set to grow and evolve with a further NIHR funding award of over £30.7 million for five years. The centre’s new funding started from 1st December 2022 and a successful launch and showcase event was held last month to celebrate and look ahead. Attended by an audience of nearly 200 people; including members of the Birmingham BRC, senior executives from across the region and patient/public partners, we were delighted to present to a packed auditorium.

The BRC team were thrilled to have all of our new partner organisations represented throughout the day, and for a number of patient and public representatives to join us and contribute to some lively discussions during our panel sessions. The participation from the audience highlighted some of the challenges we will continue to work on throughout the course of this BRC, and also emphasised the buy-in to collaborate with other NIHR infrastructures and organisations in the region.

Presenters included Prof David Adams, previous Director of the Birmingham BRC (2017-22) to highlight the achievements of our centre, and Prof Phil Newsome, our new BRC Director who provided a welcome address and introduction to the new themes, in addition to some of the key figures who will be involved in implementing our ambitious plans during the next few years. This event has helped to set the tone for our continuing work in experimental medicine to support patients with inflammatory conditions, and the enthusiasm throughout the day was notable. We would like to extend a huge thank you to all who attended.