BRC PhD Student presents at International Conference

BRC-funded PhD student Sophie Allen will be presenting at the International Conference for Frailty and Sarcopenia Research (ICFSR) Virtual Conference on 30th September. She will be doing an oral presentation based on her research article entitled ‘The effect of young and old ex vivo human serum on cellular protein synthesis and growth in an in vitro model of aging‘, which was accepted for publication earlier this year.

Sophie told us about her work: “We demonstrate that aged blood impairs pathways which regulate muscle cell size. A number of factors present in blood are associated with ageing and may be associated with the age-related muscle degeneration we identified here. To follow on from this work, we aim to further our understanding on the factors in blood which may cause this response in order to develop treatments to reverse or prevent this.”

Sophie’s abstract on this paper was also one of five PhD students to win at the 12th annual Muscle Health Awareness Day in May leading to a $200 prize and an oral presentation. She also did a poster presentation at the International Liver Congress in June, so the ICFSR presentation will be the third in a string of academic success.

The ICFSR Conference is being held from 29th September to 2nd October in a fully virtual format to allow for contributors from around the globe. The conference gives academics a platform to share experiences in frailty and sarcopenia research to speed up the development of high-quality clinical trials, as well as improve treatments and prevention methods in this area.

Sarcopenia is one of the main research themes at the Birmingham BRC and you can read more here.