Patients, carers and the public

Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement in research (PPIE) is a programme of activity that connects people with research. People who have experience of a disease or health condition, perhaps as a patient or their carer (now or in the past) or simply someone curious about health and research, are integral to our research in a variety of ways:

  • talking and listening to researchers
  • being part of a PPIE group
  • suggesting research ideas
  • and much more

I have always been passionate about advocating and empowering young people with IBD and so joining this group presented itself as a new opportunity to continue this mission of mine by supporting new research in the IBD world.”

– HC

We believe this improves the quality of our research, how it is designed, delivered and then used to change and improve treatment and care. You can comment on Patient Information Sheets or become a co-applicant – there are lots of ways and places we need PPIE:

  • helping develop a research idea
  • being part of the team to develop the funding application
  • reviewing patient facing materials for recruiting patients
  • giving ideas about how to share the findings

Want to find out more?

We are committed to equality, diversity and inclusion. The NIHR needs people from every part of society to give their opinions and there should be no barriers to your involvement in our work.

Email Laura Chapman, our Patient Involvement and Engagement Manager, or call 07824 841785 for more information.