Entrepreneurship and Commercialisation

The Entrepreneurship and Commercialisation cross-cutting theme, led by Professor David Wraith, has established a commercially-aware and responsive environment for researchers working within the Birmingham NIHR Biomedical Research Centre. A culture of commercialisation will build on strengths in the fundamental understanding of inflammatory processes, immunology, infection, endocrinology and cell therapy to inform and accelerate personalised medicine strategies and new therapies.

We have created a pipeline of novel cell and molecular immunotherapies; biomarkers to enable disease stratification and predict responders to targeted therapies; diagnostics/prognostics tools; point of care hospital tests; repurposing of existing drugs/therapies and platforms for new disease applications. Commercialisation of these developments will ultimately lead to improvement in patient care and outcomes.

In order for these ambitions to be effectively translated from basic science findings into clinical practice, this cross-cutting theme has established proactive, flexible and well-networked processes to support the appropriate identification, protection, prioritisation and further development of intellectual property.