Ground breaking liver research could be the biggest trial of its type ever

A consultant liver physician at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust has been awarded a £2.3 million research grant to lead a clinical trial as Chief Investigator.

Dr Dhiraj Tripathi will be heading up the ground breaking trial which aims to save lives and essential NHS funds. Currently, liver disease is the fifth biggest killer in the UK and deaths are amongst relatively young patients. A complication of diseases of the liver is internal bleeding, which if unstoppable, can be lethal or lead to prolonged intensive care treatment.

Dr Tripathi, who is also an Honorary Reader at the University of Birmingham, welcomed the funding from the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR). He said: “CALIBRE (Carvedilol versus variceal band ligation in primary prevention of variceal bleeding in liver cirrhosis) has the potential to be the largest ever clinical trial  of its kind in the history of hepatology in the UK. The trial is to be rolled out nationally and all hospitals with gastroenterology and hepatology services, as well as research facilities, are eligible to participate. The results could lead to a major shift in the management of patients with liver cirrhosis and varices, with significant implications for the NHS.”

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